FULLDOME @ Satosphère

For the album launch of Montréal based producer Moses Baxter I was invited to perform inside la Satosphère [SAT], the very first immersive modular theatre dedicated to artistic creation and visualization activities. This event was also the inauguration of several new VJs at the SAT: myself, PUSH1STOP and Fred Trétout. We had received training in immersive systems from VJ Azyl and passed several months preparing content for this one event.

Here are some frames from my dome masters along with a video montage of my performance, courtesy of my homeboy Mike Latona.






Recently we had the opportunity to take Montréal on an inter-galactic journey alongside techno pioneer Jeff Mills. We transformed the Studio St-Ambroise using over 50 meters of LEDs, a massive video-mapped elephant, moving lights and more, all controlled in real-time using CoGe, VDMX, and the Madlight feature of Madmapper.

Our mission during the voyage: to have both the lights and video move harmoniously and seamlessly along with music, while still allowing us to perform with them live. For the lights, Quartz Composer patches with published parameters for each fixture were loaded into CoGe and syphoned to Madlight. Video animations were created in Cinema4D and After Effects and mixed live with VDMX. We also mapped the accelerometers of two Numark Orbit controllers and used audio react on various parameters for both the lights and the video to give them a more organic feel when mixing.



BAM FESTIVAL_01 // LIÈGE, BELGIUM // Sept.30 – Oct.3

From September 30th to October 3rd 2014, Liège is welcoming the first edition of numeric arts: “BAM FESTIVAL Electronik art festival”. This new international event will feature for the very first time and in exclusivity in Belgium dozens of world-wide famous and cutting-edge artists. Located in central spots of the city of Liège, namely l’Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts de la ville de Liège and the Cadran, the event offers a wide variety of activities connected to numeric culture, reaching out to both professionals and the public in general: exhibitions, live performances, conferences, workshops, and even clubbing. Just so you know… The BAM Festival was created by its organiser, Mike Latona, the Académie Royale des Beaux Arts de Liège (through Ronald Dagonnier), the Cadran, and the Mapping Festival of Geneva. Many e-mails, phone calls, skype calls, and lots of determination were required to put together this sensational project that offers such high-quality events which shall hopefully become the founding stone of a long suite of many more.

See you there!

Get all the info @ http://www.bamfestival.be/

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Our video mapping and led installation at the Thunderground; main stage at Valhalla Sound Circus 2014 in Bryson, Québec.

This was a VJ marathon.. three days of performance from dusk until dawn and passing my afternoons creating new animations for the upcoming night. Big thanks to my crew at Dirtycake, ISM, Bigtooth MTL, all the DJs and everyone else that made this festival happen!